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Advertising & Marketing Services

AseanHost provide solutions to companies who wish to leverage on the Internet and mobile media in integrating affective and productive advertising and marketing campaigns. Among the wide array of solutions that we specialize in like Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Mobile Marketing, we will help you to integrate your marketing programmes with these services to further enhance your brand image and identity.

Email Marketing by

A revolutionary area of marketing where our clients are able to send notifications or promotions via email to a specifically targeted group of recipients. Recipients who receive emails are those who have given their consent, authenticated and valid users in the database. Therefore, clients can rest assure that the emails will be sent to the correct target market.

Effective Search Engine Marketing or SEO services by

By identifying the best method to have our client’s website noticed on the World Wide Web, we will assist our clients in organizing and designing their content on their site. Being the specialists, we can provide the best solution in terms of content management that can ensure that our clients’ web pages are original and stand out among the crowd in Search Engines.

Mobile Marketing

Advertising and Promotions programmes through mobile devices like mobile phones, PDA phones and other devices are both effective and productive. We provide our clients with the best choice in which mobile media to use, design and develop the content as well as identifying the best group of recipients of the content in these programmes. SMS marketing is one of our core services where we have clients residing in countries over Asia and Australia.

Signage Logo Concept Design and Production signages and signboards are highly customisable and the designs can all be made to deliver the most affective messages to your customers’ target markets. also offers other related services like rental of billboard and online and offline advertising space where needed while producing high quality and durable LED signage screen and designs too, all of which are specifically catered and made for any particular business purpose of customers through a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign.
Contact us to know more about these services. Our consultant will revert to you in a timely manner.